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Taman Antik Design- interior design store Saint Tropez

Welcome to Taman Antik, an interior design company born out of a love affair with the Asian approach to space and decorative art. A world of decoration that awakens the senses and invites you to rediscover the simple pleasures of times gone by…

Taman Antik, or “Ancient Garden” in English, is a creator of ambiances that works with an array of genres, styles, and periods. Our ultimate goal for any project is always to create a harmonious setting while catering to the individual tastes and styles of a demanding and diverse clientele. Like in Asia’s famed Ancient Gardens, harmony and balance can be found using any combination of materials – from wood and iron to glass and crystal – and any color palette.

Our boutique in Saint Tropez is a treasure trove of antiques, exotic furnishings, and unique pieces for fine homes and gardens. And if it doesn’t already hold exactly what you are looking for, we can make any object your heart desires.

Whether you’re seeking that perfect chandelier or statue to complement your living room, redecorating your home, or trying to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for your new vacation home, Taman Antik’s team is there to accompany you every step of the way. Our services include complete interior design solutions, ranging from consulting and designing/building new pieces to restoring antiques and retail sales in our Saint Tropez boutique. We also ship select items internationally.

Taman Antik is proud to offer its clients exclusive pieces sought after by some of the world’s most renowned collectors. We invite you to browse through our collections in our online boutique. Even better, stop by our boutique! We are conveniently located at the entrance to Saint Tropez and provide on-site parking for clients.


The Team

Taman Antik was founded in 1999 by a couple of professional designers who journeyed to Asia. They were so captivated by Asian approaches to space and design, and the exceptional quality of Asian craftsmanship that they decided to bring some flavors of Asia back to Europe. While Taman Antik does not work exclusively with Asian antiques and ambiances, all pieces and atmospheres we create echo the timeless nature of Asia’s Ancient Gardens.

Taman Antik was created with two goals: offer complete interior/exterior design solutions to an international clientele and maintain a Saint Tropez boutique (see Taman Antik Boutique). Some clients entrust the entire design process of their home or garden to us, some come with questions about designs, colors, or materials, while others come to Taman Antik to browse through our in-store items or to have us make a special piece.

Taman Antik’s team includes only seasoned designers and craftsmen who value professionalism, discretion, and creative eclecticism. They are ready to help you breathe fresh life and harmony into any space you hold dear.

Contact Us

Taman Antik
La Bouillabaisse

tel : +33 4 94 97 61 53
fax : +33 4 94 97 59 70